[FREE LIVE STREAM] Live lessons in UE4 | Information and Recap Videos


so after my small little stream yesterday, i uploaded everything to Youtube and want to make a more formal thread.
Feel free to drop any critique here so i can make the stream better. The stream is for you and not for me. So please
tell me if something is bugging you (:



Link to the Twitch Page / Stream


Streaming times:

I guess i will try to stream on thursday, 21:00 (09:00pm) CET. I can’t promise that i will stream every week
but i will try to!


I will mostly try to teach you the basics of the Unreal Engine 4. It is not about creating a specific system, like Weapons or
something. I want to give you a more insight look into the classes that the UE4 has and how you can use them to structure your game
and feel better about creating your beloved games.

This will mostly be in BP, but i guess i will make a C++ Stream too. With some basic information on how to setup a C++ Project
and maybe compare the BPs to C++, so that you have a better understanding on how this coding works. BUT i won’t explain the basics
of C++. This will take up too much time and is planned for a Tutorial Series.

Stream Quality aka your Stream lags:

Yes, this is a big problem for small streamers. Twitch only allows their partners to have a
quality setting for their stream. I can’t let you set the quality to medium. I am streaming a 1080p screen and let my broadcast software
render it down to 720p. That’s the smallest i can go before text will get too pixelated. This is also the reason why the direct upload
from twitch to youtube is limited to 720p. I hope you can still read everything. Maybe i will switch over to Youtube completely instead
of streaming on twitch.

So for the time, i will upload the Streams to Youtube on the next day.

I have more questions or suggestions for you:

Nice, then feel free to ask me in the thread or live in the twitch stream.
You can always throw in a question when i’m live and i will try to cover most of them. But keep in mind that i can’t create complex
systems for you on the stream while trying to explain something else. If you need help with a specific problem in your project, please
stick to the AnswerHUB or the forums!

Next Stream:


Next Stream will be announced later. Please provide any topics you want to talk about!

Old Streams:


07.05.2015 21:00 CET


Stream was about how to use networking in UE4 Blueprints.
I also showed how to create a simple connection between Server and Client through UMG.

Later on i answered a question about setting up Tic Tac Toe and showed how to use the Session nodes.

Check the Unreal Engine Project “Multiplayer Shootout” for more on this.
Maybe you are able to understand most of it after watching my stream (:

Twitch Recap Link:

Youtube Recap Link:
(720p, because Twitch scaled it down by streaming settings)


29.04.2015 21:00 CET


Showing of a small Bevahior tree where the AI runs left and right and chases us around the map.
Explaining the Tree a lot and also having a look at the Animation Blueprint, explaining what the Nodes are and how the Transition work.

Also giving small insight on my upcoming Multiplayer Project for the community where i show of how to implement Scoreboard, Lobby, Groups, etc.

I hope you learned something and i am still open for suggestions to make the stream better!

Twitch Recap Link:

Youtube Recap Link:
(720p, because Twitch scaled it down by streaming settings)


23.04.2015 21:00 CET


I tried to recreate the blocks and one enemy from Super Mario in a 3D Sidescroller. Mostly to show how the classes work together.
I also introduced the PlayerState class which is awesome to store information about your character. I talked about Casting and Pointers
as well as Controllers and Widgets. In will go about that more indepth in my planned Tutorial Series about important UE4 Classes.

I hope you learned something and i am still open for suggestions to make the stream better!

Twitch Recap Link:

Youtube Recap Link:
(720p, because Twitch scaled it down by streaming settings)


Hey guys and girls,

just want to bump this. Stream starts tomorrow in about 25 hours (check the timer).

Topic will be mostly a simple AI with behavior tree that follows our Player in the already created
2.5D world. Also looking into the Animation BP to maybe answer some question.

If we get this finished fast (but don’t want to rush it) i’m gonna explain abit about Multiplayer Stuff
i’m currently working on.

looking forward eXi enjoyed the first one

Stream will be live in ~15 minutes. Feel free to tune in!

Thanks for watching, i hope that some of you learned something. I updated the thread with the highlight Twitch Link.
The Youtube Link will follow as soon as twitch uploaded it. I also posted infos about the next possible Stream and a Timer.

EDIT: Youtube Link up. Video is still uploading though.

Just a small bump. The Stream on thursday was planned be about Networking and UMG.

I have a project containing Server creation, ServerList and joining, a Lobby for choosing a Character (pressing ready and letting the Host start the game)
and some things like a scoreboard, a PlayerList and FriendInvite in the final map.

Since i’m thinking about putting this on the MarketPlace (because it took way more time than i thought), i don’t know if it is worth showing. Because
i can’t really show you all the nodes. You could recreate it and my MarketPlace sale would be gone.

BUT, since i am so into Networking, i would still love to show you how to use RPCs. How to know when Run on Server or on Client is needed, what a Multicast
is and how to use these to get Data between you and the server. Also how to use the PlayerState and the GameState, as well as the GameMode and the PlayerControllers
to check back things. I guess that is a better topic than just showing my Network project.

Is that ok or do you want something else?

I could also add a bit UMG (:

Networking, oh YES please :slight_smile: Please upload on youtube, twitch is still lagging for me

edit: And UMG :smiley:

(: Yes, i always up on Youtube. I’m thinking about streaming with Youtube. Don’t know if this would be better.

EDIT: Ok, i just checked youtubes streaming and i’m a bit disappointed. I mean, it is easy to setup the stream with just
starting hangout and clicking on “Show your Desktop”, but i can’t really controll what you see (only a complete desktop
or a specific window) and i can’t setup different screens and change them. So i will step back from using Youtube
and stay with Twitch.

I will also try to have a button to change to a zoomed Blueprint Graph, so you all can see better. And maybe i will
lower the bitrate, so it lags less for you. You all just need to tell me if it lags, maybe i can change something about it.

1 1/2 hours till the Stream Starts. I will now start to prepare something (: I hope
some more people will tune in.

Will you stream this one on twitch or youtube?

Twitch. Youtube wasn’t suited enough to stream such things ):
But will upload to Youtube after.

Thanks for tuning in (: I hope you learned something and excuse the **** screen change.
I will never ever bind any functions to the first few F - Keys when streaming again, i promise!

Here is the Twitch Highlight:

Youtube Link will be added when upload is ready (currently uploading).

Will also be added in the main thread post.

can you do stream on AI bots in FPS/TPS fast paced multiplayer shooter ? using Blueprints

Hey there,

AI bots for FPS/TPS would take much more time than the stream would have.

But Peter L. Newton created a good introduction on how to create such an AI.
I wouldn’t be able to cover more than he does and everything beyond depens on your game (:

The youtube upload of the stream will take a bit. I didn’t know that i need to split the video in 2 highlights with a max auf 2hours length.
So till now i got fails on uploading but i guess it is working now. I will post both parts as soon as they are available.



Still need to be converted, but the links will stay the same

The videos are set to private :confused:

Thanks for these, I’ll be watching some of your networking archives.

Should be public now. They were set private for the time they were uploading. Because the video need some time to be watchable
after twitch uploads them to youtube (:

Hello. I have a suggestion for something that might be helpful to novice developers when they are developing prototypes or projects in blueprints. Could you discuss what circular dependencies are, and how people can avoid running into them? I think it could be helpful for some to avoid future pitfalls - as I recently ran into the pain of debugging a constantly disconnecting blueprint node on an inventory system I developed that was caused due to a circular dependency.

Awesome idea. There is a way to display all the connections between BP classes that you have by now.
I will add this to my list (: