[FREE] LazyTheme - Theme for UE4 Editor ( get rid of those ugly tabs and windows 7 buttons )

I’ve spent few hours doing this.

Thought that maybe someone would want this as well while waiting for a better theme.


Github Link ( includes instructions ):

I can’t be bothered to edit every single tiny file, otherwise my projects will never advance.
So if you want to do small change contributions, then you’re more than welcome !

To be honest I am having a hard time figuring out what’s different other than the tabs, and even those aren’t really an improvement since you had a sense of depth with the old ones, these “blend” into the foreground, causing visual clutter more than anything. In addition, the header seems to be higher now, taking up even more unnecessary space.

Appreciate the effort, but I doubt this is worth gutting your engine installation for, since future updates will have conflicts merging with the now-modified codebase.

Yes we know you don’t see a point in new theme.

I for other hand would really appreciate to get new theme for editor, which is flat, do not have enormous borders, title bars, round corners everywhere, huge interior borders on every tab (ie, toolbar on top) and is more consistent in color instead of looking like circus.

I would gladly help with work on it, but my UI skills in scale 1-10 is -5.

Thank you, but clearly this was no means a complete theme replacement.
My initial goal was to get rid of those old windows Aero window buttons and the tabs without spending too much time, hence the name “LazyTheme”.
That’s pretty much it, bunch of backgrounds replaced.

As for “improvements”, there are none. This is purely for aesthetics.

I only changed the images, shouldn’t cause any conflicts at all.

I’ve updated the post and added a better comparison picture to show the difference.