[FREE] Laser Security System

Released a new blueprint framework for creating Laser Security Systems, inspired by the security lasers in Splinter Cell Blacklist:…SecuritySystem

Preview Video:

The system supports both stationary as well as mobile security lasers and provides basic options to customize parameters like movement offset, starting position along the movement trajectory, movement speed, etc.

Known issues: It does not work well in conjunction with TXAA if you have two lasers moving perpendicular to each other while sharing the same pixel at some point during their trajectories. The points of overlap end up being brighter than the rest of the beam (unless the emissivity is ramped up to hide this artifact). I’ve posted the results here in the rendering section of the forum:…tion-txaa-only. As mentioned in the thread, this can be solved by switching to FXAA. However, if anyone knows of a way to make it work with TXAA, I would really appreciate it if you share the solution. Meanwhile, if anyone’s interested in the system, feel free to use it in your projects.

thanks for sharing man !

It’s nice to see you again, Issam. I’ve started work on the next project and have some ideas for a few more down the line. So feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for improving them.

Good to know bro, this is something i will definitively use in a way or in another in my long term hobby but serious project :stuck_out_tongue:

i have just to finish some “real world” work first then i will go back to this <3

i would love to share ideas and suggestions , we keep in touch :wink:

@issam1975 Awesome dude!! More ideas are always welcome. I’d actually love to hear them. The way I see it, the bigger the possibility space, the more exciting it gets. :smiley: So anyway are you working on like a stealth game?

yep ! , but this is a long long i mean looong term project in my spare time with 100% pure fun in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to see how far I can go with UE4. all I can say right now is that I’m super excited about the possibilities as I progress in the learning curve and as I’m more comfortable with the engine day after day :wink:

see u bro

Well, all the best with your project man. :slight_smile: Let me know when you upload a video of it.

See you later.

Hey the files does not register properly. I guess its because it was made for 4.20 and im using 4.19.2? I would love to use this and therefore i ask is there any way i can get it to work on 4.19?

Yea, it’s probably because of the difference in engine versions. I don’t think there’s any way to get blueprints to work on an older version of the engine, other than downloading the latest version and copying the blueprint code over to your project. If you’re ok with that, you just need to copy the script within the BP_LaserSecuritySystem blueprint. Most of the remaining blueprints are just for demonstration purposes like alarm light, text display, etc.

Ok so i managed to port my game to 4.20.1 and set it all up so it is working. Though i have set up so that when it detectes the player he respawns. sadly it does not seem to be ressetting the alrm because when i move back into the laser it does not detect the player.

Edit: I am aware that i can reload the level but i feel as if its unneccesary to reload entire thing and have it load when i can just respawn but if that is the only option then thats ok i guess.

Thanks for any help anyways its amazing that you give this stuff away for free. :slight_smile:

Glad to see that it’s being put to some good use. :slight_smile: You can reset the alarm without having to reload the level. So basically this is the game flow:

  1. A Laser gets triggered by the player character (anything that implements the BPI_LaserTarget interface).
  2. The Laser actor alerts the Alarm Control actor of this event.
  3. The Alarm Control actor then tells all its linked Alarm Response Agents (for eg, Alarm Lights) that the alarm has been activated.
  4. The Alarm Response Agents execute their core functionality (Alarm lights keep blinking).

In step 3, I’ve added a ‘Do Once’ node to ensure that the alarm gets activated only once. If you don’t want that behavior, just remove the said node. If you also want the alarm lights to go off, just ask the Alarm Response Agents to do so (through a new custom function) before you respawn the player. I think that should do it.

Oh yeah i kinda missed that the do once did not get reset my mistake. Thanks for all the help.

v1.1 update committed to GitHub: GitHub - RohitKotiveetil/UnrealEngine--LaserSecuritySystem: Laser Security System created using blueprints in Unreal Engine. Use FXAA (or any AA model other than Temporal AA) for best results.

Change Log:

  • Folder structure modified to match UE4 Marketplace Guidelines.
  • Usability improvements to facilitate smoother workflow while copying blueprint scripts over to new projects. [Thanks to @franktech for providing some awesome feedback on this matter]