FREE Island Adventure Lite


Our Team just develop some content for Your 2D experience inside Unreal Engine 4.
We hope this is be used in your game.
And we sincerely hope that the content at least a little help you develop 2D game inside this fantastic engine.

Island Adventure Lite is a 2D content for your platformer, arcade or adventure game.
We think, that this pack help you create a beautiful 2D adventure level in the mysterious island style.
And this content as always we developed only for this cool community and only for this engine.

Link for downloading are here: 2D Island Adventure Lite

Ok guys, what is inside archive:

Small Demo level – 1
Animations – 3
Static Sprites – 43
Materials – 4
Sound Waves – 7
Blueprint Class – 3
Color Grading LUTs – 5

Sprite sizes from 64×64 to 1024×1024.

Try this and Enjoy!
It’s absolutely FREEBIES content for all your commercial projects!

Some demonstration images and screenshots:

With love to all developers!
DneproMan and SGS Team

And another HQ free assets pack !!!

First 2D content I see so far which such quality, THX a ton :smiley:

Thanks a lot! Thanks for your interest!
In our plan develope more HQ 2D contents.
And comming soon we upload it. I promise :slight_smile:

Nice, thx for sharing! :slight_smile:

looks so nice! thanks!

I can’t download this stuff. pls check this out again.

this is amazing work but it seems Mega link is down

nice pack.

ohh määän why its down? :frowning: