Free Incredibuild - can we use it?

Just heard that there’s a new free incredibuild license available.

Has anyone tested if this can be used with unreal build tool?

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Not sure about free license - but incredibuild itself works with UE.

I’m aware it works with UE, that’s why it’s so exciting. But I’ve not seen anything whether we can use this… seems to just mention the vs version

It works! :smiley:

This is great. Good find!

Interested to know why they’re suddenly offering this, but I’m not going to complain.

It should work out of the box if you use the VS interface to build and let UnrealBuildTool call incredibuild. just dont use incredibuild to build ue4, that wont work because ubt calls incredibuild already.

it isn’t a 30 day trial?

kinda of, but not really. after that thirty days you get the local version with 4 cores for life. I think the only difference after 30 days is that it removes the advanced remote distribution for pcs on the network. indie devs probably will only have a single development machine so this wont really matter.

That must be a different license, the one I got from that page allows up to 5 agents. But if it’s really only for 30 days, wow lame…

I think what that means is local + 4 agents

What exactly incridibuild do with UE4 ?

I understand that it accelerate the C++ compiling and the build of lights and pacakge. That’s not very interesting on per day use basis for me but…
Does it also accelerate material compiling in editor ? This will be some unbelievable thing to me :slight_smile:

It allows distributed compiling of c++ code, which is extremely interesting for people trying to modify things…

Useful for doing builds on Linux???

If I use only BP, it is not very useful, then ?
Actually, my only real bottle neck is the time that materials take to compile every time I modify them…

No, not at all.

Thanks a lot, Zeblote :slight_smile:

This is very good news. Although I’m not sure why they’re giving it out for free.
It’s also a good reason to get my old laptop out again - this thing supports distributed building, like they use at the Epic Games office, which means you can have another machine do parts of the build for you.

EDIT: Oh, I see Zeb already said this.

Incredibuild got in touch with me via e-mail after I asked them about the license. After 30 days, all remote agents are locked off - but you do still benefit from better use of your cores, so really this is no different to their usual FreeDev license.

By the way, if you add r.XGEShaderCompile = 1 to consolevariables.ini, you get lightning fast shader compilation and cook times too.

If remote agents are disabled, isn’t it 100% useless? UBT and shader compiling already uses all of the local cores.

I’m confused, what’s the difference of having incredibuild without slaves and not to use incredibuild? Suppose to be no difference?