[FREE] I'll record custom mocap for free!

Hi there!

As a Christmas gift to the community, I will record any mocap you want!
It wont be AAA quality, but could be good enough for some use cases :slight_smile: I am recording it using my Index in my living room, so it’s a bit limited.

All mocap is recorded for the mannequin, but you should be able to retarget to custom characters as well.

The rules are as follows:

  • All requests will be released to everyone, free for commercial use
  • Nothing illegal
  • I won’t recreate other’s animations
  • You can do multiple requests, but depending on demand I will prioritize giving everyone something
  • You may not redistribute the raw files

Please post requests in this twitter thread (if you have Twitter, else this forum thread works as well), so it becomes more open for more people :slight_smile:

You can find all FBX animations here, ready for import into your project:

  1. I love you!
  2. Could you make some FPS Melee combat similar to Darm Mesiah of might and magic style. So 4-way ready + hold + release attacks. + 2 fast attacks. for few types of weapons?

Great! We definitely need this kind of gift! I don’t need anything special now, but I will be glad to download all the animations.:slight_smile:

Hmm, haven’t play Dark Messiah, so not really sure what kind of animations that would be. But I could make a couple of meele/sword actions :slight_smile:

​​​​​​​Great suggestions!

in Dark Mesiah you had 4 prepare-hold-release melee attacks (first person) and 2 quick swings…
The heavy attacks were based on the dorection of movement… so a swing from above head = forward, from left = left, from right = right, from shoulder or smoething = back. +2 quick were jsut right left slashes.
There was also a ground finisher impale.
Mocap first person anims is a bit harder cause you try to hold stuff in front of you as much as you can instead of naturally swing around your bodyhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=xbPQ2aMDTAshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vSQOYVOrb8

If you make just 1h sword thats more than fine to me :smiley: Most first person anims on marketplace are not mocaped so they dislocate joints in such a bizare way - they are not suited for multiplayer to be seen from a side :smiley:

Cool! Will give it a go! One or two handed sword?

Added a bunch of Matrix animations to the folder in the first post, as well as a couple of touchpad interactions:


(worth a shot)

Yelling at cat - best animation ever :slight_smile:

Hello, can you make an animation of drawing the phone out of the pocket and holding in the front of your player?

hows the melee weapons? :wink:

How about simple standing and crouching attack, upward, and downward thrust from “Zelda 2 The Adventures of Link”?


Sorry for the delay, been a lot with Christmas and all :stuck_out_tongue: Will record them this weekend.

Pick up, look at it and then put away?

Hmm, will try :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see some zombie apocalypse melee animations (hammers, baseball bats, etc). Can’t find them anywhere

7 animations I have not seen that would be nice.

1 cutting a tree down with a chainsaw
2 digging a hole with a shovel
3 mining with a pickaxe
4 hitting the wall with a hammer(building)
5 cutting wood with a hand saw on a sawhorse
6 cutting wood with an electric saw
7 using a hoe to till the ground(for planting)

more i was thinking about is weight training animations like

1 jumping jacks!
2 sit ups
3 push ups
4 pull ups
5 butterfly weights
6 leg press
7 weight curls
8 arm wrestling win/lose/tie with idle animation etc.

Yes, I would love to use it First person mode.

I love your MOCAPs

Could you please do one where the ( character Slowly opens the door inwards (doorknob to the left using left hand) and enters)
and another where ( character opens the door normally but gets scared )