Free HQ game-ready couch

Hey all!

Earlier today I decided to model, UV unwrap, and texture a couch for a project of mine. Just finished it, and since I wasn’t able to find any other free furniture on the forums, figured I’d post it here! You’re free to use it however you want, commercially or non-commercially, no credit necessary. It has ~3000 polys, 4 material instances, 5 materials, and 20 textures (albedo, ambient occlusion, normal, and roughness). You can edit the material instances to change roughness and color for the pillows, couch base, seat cushions, and back cushions. The textures are 2048x2048. The scale for the model is slightly off and should be set to approximately 1.5.


(Colors edited in the material instances)


Hope someone is able to get some use out of it! Feedback is welcome and appreciated, so let me know what you think!


Very nice work here :smiley:

THX for sharing :slight_smile:

And here is a download mirror :wink:

Glad you like it, thanks for putting it on your blog! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Good job man,thanks :smiley:

I think i seen this before in a casting video,

serious though, great work!

Downloaded, the quality is awesome thx.