[FREE] High quality textures by Cyaphas

Here I offer to your attention a few packs from my humble collection of free textures.

Wood and stone flooring (768х768 and 768х2000)

Pack 1

Pack 2

turbobit.net/*****/SibSoft-Texture-Pack-001.zip (64 textures, 136 Mb)
turbobit.net/*****/SibSoft-Texture-Pack-002.zip (104 textures, 123 Mb)

nice !

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot , i wish you could made it material as it will look a lot better to see what kind of material we get .

Update, 24 December 2016

A new pack of 44 extremely high resolution (2230 x 3400) blank book pages.
Although all pages look simular, as pages from the same book should look like, they all are unique.

Blank page pack 001


https://sibstock.ru/products/paper-blank-001.html (44 files | 205 Mb)

Update, 4 January 2017

A pack of high-res carpets.
54 textures | 1300 x 1730 | 219 Mb

Pack 3


https://depositfiles.com/files/idcs3z06p (54 files | 219 Mb)

Update, 14 January 2017

What do we have a lot in the mid of winter?
Of course snow.
Here are 6 snow textures including two extremely high-res and their smaller copies.
6 textures | 4500 x 3000, 2000 x 1330, 1000 x 660 | 55 Mb

Snow pack 001


https://sibstock.ru/products/snow-001.html (6 files | 55 Mb)

Update, 26 January 2017

Not sure if many people need this but post anyway.
Russian Federation ruble coins. Front and back sides.

Russian coins pack


https://sibstock.ru/products/coins-001.html (6 files | 53 Mb)


You can now download some of the texture packs from this site:

Update, 29 March 2017

18 felt textures.
18 textures | 800 x 800 | 21 MB

Felt pack


turbobit.net/*****/Felt-Pack-001.zip (18 files | 21 MB)

Update, 21 April 2017

102 fabric textures.
102 textures | 1000 x 1000, 700 x 654 | 117 MB

Fabric pack 001


https://sibstock.ru/products/fabric-001.html (102 files | 117 MB)

Thank you for sharing, can we use these in our project even commercially?

thank you very much :wink:

Of course. Even commercially.
Also, if you need some particular type of texture, I can photograph and deliver you a high-res image (assumed I will be able to find required in my environment) for a small fee.


thank u very much for sharing ur lovely work

Update, 18 July 2017

54 fabric textures.
54 textures | 1000 x 1000, 800 x 800 | 90 MB

Fabric pack 002


https://sibstock.ru/products/fabric-002.html (54 files | 90 MB)

Recently I have been to Rome where I shot some nice textures, I’ll try to provide them here once I finish sorting and processing them.

wait a second… you’re awesome !

Thank you.
And Happy New Year to everyone.)

They look awesone, thank you Cyaphas! can this textures be used for comercial archviz projects?

Snow, coins and blank pages packs I have photoed myself and you definitely can use them in any projects without hesitation.
Fabric, and flooring packs are composed of material samples once spread by traders in these materials. None of them have ever been included in any texture collections. I don’t think manufacturers will be against you using images of their products as textures or that they even monitor such things, but you should take this fact into consideration.