Free hand scan alignment

Hi everyone,

i recently did a free hand scan and im having trouble getting a clean alignment and clean result. Im using about 52 photos.

Here’s the settings im using:


the result of the scan :


if anyone as any ideas or tips on how to improve the scan it would be super helpfull.


Hi Frederick Allain

Hope you know that head-fullbody scanning with just one camera is VERY problematic in general. That why people use head-fullbody-mutlicamera rigs to get good results…

So as im see your results is not bad at all for capture form hands…

Can show me at least one image so can see the background where are you taking the images ?

Hi Wishgranter,

here’s one of the pictures, the originals are 5616x3744 pixels:


Hi Frederick Allain

Looking on the image with white background what is OK, but keep in mind, every living subject is MOVING, even you notice it not !
the alignment “cracks” are a good hint on misalignment.

52 images is not good number too. FB scans with acceptable results starting with 64 camera setup.

Try get say 80-100 images and try then align it with this alignment settings