Free Halloween Game

I am an artist/game developer. As I got ready for my art show I decided to blur the lines and make a virtual studio to go along with my show, but I always wanted to get out a little Halloween game. So I decided if anyone (or their kids - this is kid friendly) venture outside the virtual studio, the game begins.

The game is free, you can find it here on my website, i might update it to have another game level for Halloween, just because I like Halloween. My kids love playing the game, I don’t want to ruin the twist in the game, should anyone venture in. Keep in mind, it took me four weeks to put this game together, from models I created, to textures, lighting and programming.

It’s not meant to be my Mona Lisa, it’s meant to be a bit of fun.


can you please post some screenshotf of ingame so people would know what they get and if its the project or cooked version so people will know what they download.