Free Grass Files and Textures Made With Future Polys Tutorial

This is grass that i made using this tutorial from Future Poly:

The files include 3DS Max files, The textures created in the video.

Free Grass Made With Future Polys Tutorial

In Engine:

Note: The Grass in the max file has different sizes and scales. I was trying to see how it affected the FPS having small clumps VS Large clumps.

Hope this helps some.

I’m trying to make trees now… Somehow…

Forgot the Material SS.

Looks great, Shoiko!

I can’t recall if the newer versions of Max have Paint Effects or not - if so, take a look in there, as they have quite a few VERY high poly trees. If you’re familiar with blender, they have a sproutling tool which is essentially tree generation.

It’s sad to see something simple like this look so bad on UE compared to CE (video)

CE use the old non-directionlighting. The foliage in UE4 can show . But required correctly material setup and edit normals.

Why you use the SimpelGrassWind function for AmbientOcclusion?

I think thats called an opps…

Very nice job! How do you know about things like Blend_Overlay, Blend_ColorDodge and advanced functions like that? Do you just read documentation from begining to end? I just want to know what how the smarter people here are knowing how to do these things!

they are photoshop functions.

stuff! The download link is broken though.

Yeah its super old this was a neco post like crazy. Here:

if you wnat the actual max files i could upload them if u want. Nothing much other than whats in the tutorial

Right ok. So did you read books on photoshop before, or did you just experiment? I didn’t know Unreal had the same functions that photoshop has.

The link isn’t working for me.

Link is down. :frowning: