Free graphics program Inkspace or Gimp?

Just getting some tutorials… now up to drawing programs.

What do you all prefer for a free drawing program… inkspace or Gimp?

I have both, but wonder what you prefer for working with game elements



I use affinity designer (Inkscape alt) for ui, and affinity photo (Gimp alt) for some backgrounds and texturing.

Do I need both Inkscape and Gimp? In your opinion?

Inkscape and GIMP are different programs for different uses … there is some overlap but ultimately they are different.

You could probably do a little of both in each program but ultimately Inkscape is designed for Vector Graphics Creation and GIMP is designed for Photo Manipulation. So in my opinion, you would need both.

Thanks so much, I shall look for quality tutorials in each. Many thanks…

Will gratefully accept tutorial suggestions if you have them. I am religiously working through my other ones still but will need more in a month or two.

Thanks again