Free Ghostbusters Simulation - "Fan Project"

Hi, I made this fan made Ghostbusters Simulation. It’s a small hobby project that lots of people asked if they could explore the Ghostbusters Headquarters that I built for my ArtStation, and I thought why not it’s a fun way to show of a project.

I have added a few Easter eggs for you to enjoy and I hope there will be lots more to come including a Virtual Reality demo released in the near future.

Here is a recording of the WIP demo.

Hey littleclaude,

First, I just want to say I’m completely awe-struck. The details, the music, the world you’ve created has me completely geeking out. I’m thoroughly impressed by the creativity you’ve brought into this and I hope to see a ton more from you!

Sending lots of support. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words it means a lot to me.

If I won the lottery I would love to work on this full time. I think a First Person Ghostbusters game would be really good fun. Recieve your mission Janine Melnitz, jump into ECTO-1 and of you go driving around New York, GTA style zapping ghosts and bringing them back to the GB-HQ. Oh well, we can dream, haha! back to my hobby project.

I am about to rig this bad boy :slight_smile: