(Free) 'Gangster' Weapon Pack

Hello all

I’ve decided to release a set of weapon models I’ve made for a VR game I’m conceptualising/developing (see topic here). I figure they’ll be useful to someone even if I decide not to pursue that project.

They’re available on Gumroad here as imported files, FBX, and the source models.

Download here!

Thanks so much for making this available!

Thanks, I’m just testing the waters making a game with friends, and nobody knows how to make anything yet lol

This will give us a good little headstart in working on the backend of the game

How do I import this into Unreal? Its currently a 7Z file whihc my Unreal version won’t accept (v.4.2.1)

7Z is a compressed archive file format made using 7-Zip. You can unzip this file with 7-Zip, Winzip, or something similar.