Free #GameUI Essentials

We want to build a huge UI ecosystem that is accessible for everyone.

And that’s our first try :slight_smile:

These look interesting, are you looking to stay with in the scifi style of UI or are you looking to do a full collection of all genres of games? Looks neat though

Hey, nice project!

A few comments:

  1. This looks very console-inspired, are you planning on also making more desktop-focused stuff?

  2. The second screenshot’s menu triggers my OCD :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. From your post and the website, I don’t understand what this is exactly. You say it is “accessible for everyone” and an “ecosystem”, does that mean you will release this for free or put it up on github so that others can contribute?

  4. Please don’t use Facebook to submit new ideas. There are many tools and platforms out there that do not require you to create an account on a platform that is, let’s say controversial to some people.

Would be much better if the elements that make up the UI were split and laid out correctly. Providing the UI via pre-made examples in PSD is time consuming to split .

Like single PNGs for every single element?

Thanks for the feedback. Helped me a lot! :slight_smile:

  1. I definitely want to add more desktop focused stuff

  2. Why? :smiley:

  3. I guess the headline was a bit crappy so I changed it ^^

  4. Thanks! Changed it to a typeform survey.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I want to add some more styles to it as soon I gathered enough feedback from the community.
I used this black/white style because I think it’s easy to use since it’s using a lot of simple shapes.

Yes sir! That’s how most UI kits are provided. You have a PSD with 3 copies of the same element to show it off, I don’t benefit from that at all and just takes more time for me to manually slice. You should slice all the unique elements AND show us examples of how they can be used. But I shouldn’t have to extract from your samples to get a usable UI kit

Otherwise, nice job!

love it !

thanks for sharing .

Thanks for the update.

The thing about the menu is that the buttons are not equally sized, which gives the menu a wavy and unfinished look :wink:

They’re the same size, the screenshot has that popular skewed angle for depth, and the different buttons have different content. The button themselves though, are the same dimensions :stuck_out_tongue: You said OCD and it triggered my OCD and then the cat got all OCD and it was just insane over here. Now I’m counting pretzel sticks to calm down.