Free games?

if you are using unreal engine and want to make free games for people to play, if the game is free sold and isn’t making money do the
unreal games company (epic games) tax you still? I know there is an agreement that if you make a commercial project then it taxes you for commission…

İts wrong.How much people plays your game you’ll get paid.For exmple 500 guys played 1 hour, you will get 10$ or 100$ . Its just example.If free games isnt makes money why people creates game and sells it for free?

You pay them based on revenue from your game. If it never makes any money you don’t owe anything.

As i understand it, after the game makes a certain amount of money you start paying Epic money. So like Markus said if you dont make money you dont pay. However if you make money indirectly, like advertisments i think you sill have to pay as you are using the game as a platform to attract people to see the advertisments.

How much is 5% of 0$.