free games with ads ?

hi i just heard that unrealengine has become free to use and learn with wanted to pick it up and run with it i have an understanding off devloping games for iso with other sdks

i want to make an few games for ios and android that are free but buts ads in them to make moeny can i do this with unrealengine as i give 5% to epic when i put my game out there ?

and can u do things like in app shops ect with unrealengine?

Yes, Any income made from your game (I.E sales / IAP / Whatnot) counts and you need to pay Epic 5% of the total income for your project.

  • You have full access to the source code, so something like this is extremely possible!

ok so do we just place normal ads code in for say admob ?

and then just tell you what we have made in the month or do we have to show you or somting how dose that work ?

I think it’s a question of trust for that point ! :o
I guess we should make screenshot of our panel (with APPLE IAD you have a very detailed graph) but once again photoshop exist so… i guess it’s a question of trust.
If you break trust you could see your app disapear from the store :open_mouth:
Epic did a great job with their engine and updates, so we should be gratefull for that and just respect the rules !

You will need to follow the steps listed here: