Free game

Forgive me if I wrote in the wrong section :slight_smile:

If I have correctly understood the licenses …
That if i’m exhibiting game at a kickstarter to raise funds, donation will not give you access to the game, and the game is for free now, then I do not have to pay “Royalty Payment”. I understood correctly?

Does anyone know about it?

Correct, if the Kickstarter backers do not receive the game in return for their money then you do not owe royalties.

If you give early access to the game in return then that would be the same as selling the game which would require royalties.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

You helped a lot :slight_smile:

Good to know, so parteon or kickstarter where i collect funds for outsourcing (artists, voice actors etc), and give game for free is not counted into royalites.

Basically, if you give the backers the game in a way that you don’t give other people for free, then you would owe royalties because they’re giving you money for the privilege of playing the game early or whatever.
If the game is free and everyone gets access to it at the same time whether they backed it or not then you don’t owe anything.