Free Game Patcher/Updater for your game!


As I have semester break I decided to give something back to this community and created an open-source, cross-platform Game Launcher/Updater.
You can find it here:

It includes two projects: The GameLauncher itself (to deploy with your game or standalone) and a command-line tool to create the server manifest files, which contain all the information the updater needs to determine how to properly update all the files.


  • Cross-platform GUI launcher/updater
  • Uninstall
  • Check files
  • Incremental patching
  • Start game within the launcher
  • Pause/resume
  • Throttle download speed


Further information
The project is 100% written in C# (.NET Core 3.1) and uses the AvaloniaUI framework to make it available on all common operating systems.

In order to use this project, the only thing you need is static web space, where you can host your server manifest file. The patch files itself can be hosted on any file host you want or the same static web space as you use for your manifest file.

I hope you can use it for your own projects!
Best regards,


Nice, would you have some example/guideline on using it with UE4?

Great! Is there documentation or tutorial video?