[FREE GAME] Hollow - First Person Survival Horror


This is my second game (being the first on Game Jam, Dreams of Gravity) But this time, I am alone, so so far, lots of resources taken from Marketplace and some from Silent Hill, and other made by me (I get used to make 2D games, but now I am learning UE since a few months ago) So, this is my December work.

Its a work-in-progress. Much of them comes from tutorials, so I really want to give huge thanks for the community.

People like Asher Einhorn, Ben Ormstad, Kodi Mynatt, Robert Potter and specially MrFantasticGhost and their youtube channel help to me to build this little free game.

So far, is totally playable, but much needs to be change and optimized. So please, enjoy it! Also, is a game for 18+, since is a scary adventure.


You were looking for your lost sister long time ago since that horrible accident. Was not your fault, isnt? Or it was? Anyway she recently, contacted to you. She is on an old town. So you depart, but something is wrong…

You can download on IndieDb:

Best regards… and happy new year!

EDIT: I’ve made lots of changes and updates to the game. Improving performance, better VR support, new voice acting, two endings, new maps… Also added a video to show several reactions to previous version, and new maps to come. Now go and download 063c! :slight_smile:

yee you need to work on that hardly :smiley: i like the voice acting but you are lacking some important content.
starting with actuall levedetails and a general style. But you can get there :3 just look at awesome horrorgames.

Nice, can’t wait to play this.

Thank you for your nice comments. I am actually working and fixing the game, since I force to me to release it on 31 December, now I am working to polish and replace assets, materials, etc. Hope at the end of the year I will have a real game from this propotype. :slight_smile:

By the way, you can play using OR!. Just connect your OC, then launch the game. Main menu isnt VR friendly, since it uses widget (as 2d images) but I was able to finish it using my DK1. Also it works with DK2, but it needs a very nice horsepower. Just to point that :slight_smile: You can toggle between 2D and 3D if needed by typing on console stereo on to activate 3D or stereo off to go back to 2D.

Best regards.

I’ve updated to the most recent version, 063c, adding a lot of new stuff like third person view, better VR support, new menu, improved maps, new maps and events, sounds, voice acting… well, the list is almost infinite. Please, enjoy!


You can play using keyboard/mouse combo, Gamepad (Xbox, or something compatible with it) and/or Oculus Rift.

How to SPRINT:

  • Key Left shift
  • Any shoulder or trigger button.

NOTE: Due your character being weak, your sprint will be fully depleted if you run for a long time or if you stop to run! So choose carefully when to run, because you will need some time in order to be able to sprint again.

How to Use and Pickup Items:

  • Left Mouse Button
  • Game pad Face Button Botton

How to play on first person mode view:

  • Key 1
  • Mouse Wheel Up
  • Gamepad D-pad Up

How to play on third person mode view:

  • Key 2
  • Mouse Whell Down
  • Gamepad D-pad Down

How to invert mouse view:

-Key I

Note: Will only invert the mouse view, nor the gamepad, sorry.

How to move the character and select options on main menu:

  • Keys WASD and key SPACE to choose.
  • Gamepad left stick, Lower Button to choose.

How to toggle the flashlight (once you got it)

  • Key L
  • Right Mouse Button
  • Gamepad Button Right

How to recenter the VR view:

  • Key R
  • Gamepad D-pad Left button.