Free for the Month begs for a character asset

Today, 1st July, we have a new collection of Free for the Month assets. Fantasy and Medieval Architecture Kit is by far the best one this month and i would like to thanks its creator, Denys Rutkovskyi, for sponsoring it to the community.

But, i see a big problem today: As the title says, we never see a “human” character asset in Free for the Month pack. (in May we had Modular RPG Heroes POLYART)

In the permanently free we see the Military Character (Dark and Silver) and they are very good, but they useful only in - guess what - military games.

What im talking about is: a very great addition to the Free for the Month would be something that really help people that are new to game making, with a nice customization to fit in most projects. Here are some examples:

I know that Epic Games have to choose between the content that its own creators submit for sponsorship, but would be very helpful to most people have this kind of asset mentioned above.

Im posting this to see if im the only thinking like this or someone else share the same idea.