[FREE] font to use for your 3D work

I have one font which I designed having in mind futuristic environments, cargo containers, modules of any kinds, spaceship walls, space stations, futuristic environments, interiors, modern flats and modern architectural projects and such!

Working title for my font was “Modula” but I named it later “Astor” based on one of the best time of my childhood (when my mom smoked “Astor” cigarettes) and based on one comic hero “Axel Moonshine” or “Aster Blistok” on Ex-YU languages. “Astor-Aster-Astra” means “a Star, Stars”.

So here is a font:
I don’t wanna advertise myself here (don’t wanna break forum rules) but here’s a link on MyFonts to see some font pictures and story:

Of course you can make it bolder with some outlines… expanding font letters or reducing it boldness to thinner font letters, depends how you want and imagine your textures and modeling creations.

I would like to share my font with any developer and designer here interested to put into his 3d graphics work and share benefits of that collaboration. Who is interested please contact me for free copy of “Astor” font which I would gladly give for free use for developing purposes and publishing of your work commercial or not commercial.

Of course… if someone uses my font I wanna some nice screenshots or 2D-3D (printed or virtual-digital) graphics any kind, to show my font use in that certain work.

Stay cool. Regards.

Firstly … let me say thank you for this … your contribution is greatly appreciated.

I am however a little fuzzy on your license here. Is this free for Commercial use or do you want shared royalty of the end product. The reason I ask is you say “free” … then you request that we contact you to get a copy but then you also use “share benefits of that collaboration” … it is a little bit confusing and tongue in cheek.

Can you please clarify your license on this so there is no ambiguity or misunderstandings. Thanks. 8-}

Font I’m giving for FREE USE of any kind of work. I’m not charging any fees for my designed font use here! Just need your work with my font used on some nice screenshot or render, printed work, video, video game, any virtual or physical media done by designers of this community. You can put some credits that I’m a font designer if you want but it’s not necessary. I not taking any charge, just wanna be able to use other peoples work material, for my font presentation purposes like festivals, exhibitions, websites, blogs and such. That’s the “benefits part” in my message. You use my font - I use your work for font presentation purposes with signed your authorities on image, video or other kind of your work.

I will note project description and authorities of designer or more people involved in project or involved companies in their project with my font used.

So it’s all about my font use and free sharing of our work on both sides with respect of authorities from my side. If someone can’t write on their website or project who is font designer I’m OK with that. For royalties or any kind of fee I’m not asking, it’s welcome but not necessary, it’s on free will of this font user.

I hope I’m now more clear.

Cool … thanks for the clarification. I really like the font … I am going to try a few things with it when I get a chance.

Thank you very much for your contribution. 8-}

check your forum pms inbox! Font download link is there.

To little illustrate what you can do with my font I did some pics/previews/showoffs for you people to see:

Apple pic:

with font:



with font:



with font:



with font:



with font:

So please try use my font in your work. Have fun and stay cool! :slight_smile:

Uhm, how do i download the font?

I provide download link via forum pm. :slight_smile:

The font looks very nice, but why use PMs and not link to it directly?

Cause I want to have evidence of people who working on their projects and wanna use my font in it to contact them later and see what they done with my font. Just that.

Well that’s the problem right there. Thanks for your generosity, et cetera, et cetera, but frankly, this kind of approach tends to scare most people off. I’d much rather have CC0 or an attribution-based CC license where I can pick a font at my leisure, credit their author and immediately forget about the entire thing, than have someone personally collecting evidence of use and later contacting me in regard to one of the dozens fonts used in my projects. It’s either free or it isn’t.

Sorry but wrong!

If you feel under some kind of pressure then this is not offer for you!

I give font for free anyone who wants to use my font and just message me their work with my font used. Simple as that.

If I give a free download link to anyone then I’m loosing a track about who downloading and can’t contact those people to ask them are they wanna share their work done with my font.

I give font for FREE, you send me your work done with. very simple. No any money obligations. Just work and sharing.

To much obligations for such a simple single font, Google Fonts offers hundreds of fonts for free…

It’s not too much! font = your work pics. just that.

I can give people font for free without any obligation to they do something with that in return, but my point and focus is on work done with my font.

I hope you’ll understand and not just “downloading freebies” (which I don’t practice anymore, I take only what I really need).

I would love this Font as well, Gorgoyle9! :slight_smile:
Looks really awesome! I’m making a Robot themed game, will fit perfectly!
As soon as my game is nearing Prototype I will send you a copy! :slight_smile:

Nice font, I like it. I’ll send you screenshots of when I use it. (Might be in storage for a while. I’m too busy at the moment.)

I am interested in this font, I’ll also send screenshots when I use it, thanks.

I’m interested in this font for a game. Some of your images include Cyrillic characters, are they included in the font?

Well… Cyrillic characters are designed but not have kerning done. I have 2 versions of Astor font,… one is Latin and 2nd is Latin+Cyrilic without kerning. If you wanna play with those letters without kerning, I can give you download link to that but if you not, then I have good Latin version with good kerning without Cyrillic letters.

I gave you Astor Latin version. Check your pm! If you still want Cyrillic letters in it, pm me.