Free Flashlight for you all

Hey everyone here,

I am a programmer by default but I am learning modeling and after awhile I made this flashlight, I am letting you all use it for free as I am too nice for my own good haha. If you use it, thank me or not, I don’t mind, just know some scaling down is required haha.

Flashlight and Textures

Here is what it looks like in UE4



No problem I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Hmmm, but maybe you’ve changed the dropbox dir, because after I click the link I get “The folder ‘/Public/Unreal Assets/FlashLight’ does not exist.”

Would you mind reuploading this? :slight_smile:

I changed the url in the first post

what is the Mega Password?..Thanks

Thank you very much!
But right now the link is not downloadable because you didn’t provide the decryption key :stuck_out_tongue: (you have to copy the long mega link which includes the dk to get it a working dl)

Unfortunately the link is not working :\

Password protected file. Shame.

Cannot decrypt the metadata without key.

cmon, release that code, we want to use it, please

i guess we wont get this asset after 2 years :smiley:

Ask and you will eventually receive haha.

I updated the link in my first post. I’m so sorry everyone!

I think many of the previous posters have since passed away waiting for your reply… :slight_smile:
Only took five months haha!

Thanks for updating this mate.

				Hey, Thanks for updating this mate gonna grab it now  :D

thanks so much

I know right? I feel so bad, I never subscribed to the topic so I never got notified about these posts. whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem Andrew, I hope it helps, let me know what you use it for later yeah?

No problem! I hope it helps you out. Let me know what you use it for later ok?