Free Enviroment: Tropical Coral Reef 2

Hello, I’ve been working with unreal 4 for the past year and a bit and I wanted to share my project with you all.
It originally started with a parrot fish but then morphed into a massive undertaking of a whole environment / assets to compliment it.
I created all the assets except for a few small starter points from the free epic assets.

Substance Painter / Designer, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop


Free to use but you must give me credit.


this is very cool!

Unreal version 4.22 however

Thankyou very much!!!

Cool! Thanks for the scene and assets!

Amazing. I especially want to check out some of the materials you used here.

The word that come to my mind looking at those pics is “magnificent” :smiley:

THX for sharing too :slight_smile:

Thank You! When trying to run project, there was an error in “CineCamera_Chase”, I rewired like in picture i attach, seems to be fine now :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! I did take a quick trip in there, to look around…
(some couple more of pics here: https:/

Thanks Thunder_Owl, I’m pretty new to blueprints, just kind of hodgepodge various bits of blueprints together. Love the ship!

Haha, thanks, I have a “bad (?) habit” testing any UE4 project by putting my character and his flying vehicle there :slight_smile:

awesome stuff

Awsome… :slight_smile:

I will take a look thx!
Ofc Credit! <3