Free enemy in the air

So I’m trying to freeze an enemy in the air after a hit (melee game air combos)? Am I missing a function that stops the movement in the air like that?

The way I do it is to set his gravity to 0 and then use a Launch command on him with very small nonzero values (e.g. 0.01, 0.01, 0.01) and “Override XY” and “Override Z” checked (in effect, nullifying his existing velocity/acceleration). This will, effectively, suspend him in midair.

Though you may find this looks a little plain (now what I do is I flag the enemy to air track the player while being juggled, so every Tick his vertical position is updated to match the player’s exactly, which lets me give air attacks little bumps and adjustments to the player’s vertical position while still guaranteeing that he never desyncs from the enemy).

So for the launch should that have been updated every tick as well?

It doesn’t need to be; without gravity he won’t fall. OTOH if the actor in question is subject to other forces you want to nullify (i.e. prevent him from getting nudged by contact with the player capsule or whatever) then performing the Launch every tick would work.