[FREE] - Editor Web Browser - Widget Utility

A tool for users that work with a single monitor and might want to navigate or watch a video tutorial without leaving the editor.

Link for download: UE4 - Editor Web Browser by brunogbrito

How to use:

Right click “EditorWebBrowser” widget, select “Run Editor Utility Widget” option.


  • Navigation Bar
  • Back
  • Forward
  • Reload
  • Home
  • URL Box
  • Multiple Tabs - Add or remove web page tabs
  • Home page URL - Configure a a home page URL to be the default tab page

Number of Blueprints: 1 main-widget, 2 sub-widgets

Supported Engine version: 4.22 or newer.

Important/Additional Notes:

This tool uses UE4 Web Browser built in plugin.

** To work properly users will need to enable the Web Browser plugin **

This utility widget was built intended for editor mode only, it was not tested in runtime.

Some javascripts or advanced html5 features might not work properly.

This is so good that I can’t even describe! Bruno… you are the guy! Obrigado :wink:

I gat errors in BP

Cool. I’ve do some test in the past with the webbrowser experimental plugin back in the day. It amazes me that still today is a experimental feature. btw, How hard is to create a plugin to ue4? I wouldn’t know how to start apart from google.

Hi. I get webassembly is not supported error when I try to run my page. Does anyone know if its possible to activate wasm for this browser. Or any other way to get a wasm browser in-game. Thanks