[FREE] Dynamic Depth of Field

Hello everyone,

I made a dynamic dof a few days ago for the game project. I want to share with you so that you can have an idea.

You can access short videos from the game below.

Dynamic Depth of Field - YouTube [HR][/HR]You can look the project and system images from below.

You can reach the sample project from the link below.


If you ever ship a game with that, please add an option to turn it off! It may look cool but will only be annoying when playing and looking at stuff.

Yes, I agree. Settings like this should be left to the user preferences (like motion blur etc.).

Thanks for taking the time to share this Sertac. Works really well I think.

Glad to hear that molatov, hope you like it.

i actually really like this, well done. obviously each to their own and all. thank you for sharing this.

You’re welcome. Enjoy it! :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to have another resource in the library or a “thing” to reference. There are a few of these DDOF assets out there, as well astutorials. I always like when there are a few different solutions to a single problem. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up!

On the note of this being “annoying”, it certainly is a preference thing. I like it in some games, as it can add to the cinematic feel of things. Having the option to disable it is always welcomed. For that matter, I personally enjoy when there are dozens and dozens of options. Being able to tweak a game’s settings to my heart’s content is important. Who wants a single volume slider? Or a basic visual quality drop-down?

Knowledge grows when shared :slight_smile: And I agree. As a matter of fact, this kind of thing does not bother me, but some people do not like it.

Please let me know if there is any problem.

Could you check the engine scability setting? The post process setting must be mid or higher. You can find the required blueprints in the character.

Yes, I got help from thisdocument.

made a small vid that incorporates your DDOF into the ArchViz character

That’s look pretty cool!

That’s something I’ve always wanted in games!
But we have to see if it fits with the gameplay :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Looks really good. I was trying to put this into my project and struggle to turn it on. I placed first person from your project into the level of my project but still have default camera movement (just fly around the room). I’m super new to Unreal and trying to use it for product visualisation. You think you could explain a bit how to use your setup on existing project?