[Free Download] Scandinavian interior

Interior Architectural Visualization in Unreal Engine 5 Demo

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Hey Farshid,

Wow, what a beautiful and serene room. The pastels were a terrific choice and I’m not quite sure how you managed to make a cactus cute, but you totally did. :cactus: Wonderfully done. The scratch mark details on the door are a great touch, really makes the room seem real and lived-in. Hope to see more of your spectacular art on the forums!

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Thank you PresumptivePanda

Thank you PresumptivePanda

I live in Denmark and can verify this to be very accurate.

The people living there are probably in their early to mid 30’s, with 6 and 9 years old children. The parents have a university degree, one in human studies, the other one in something like architecture, math or IT. Their mean household income is around 70k DKK before taxes and they both work for high ranking employers.

Their background is arts and their family are mostly working and middle class, with the occasional family superstar in both creative and corporate environments. This apartment is most likely in Copenhagen, and their roots are from the country side, some small town.

They buy organic, shop locally and drive a station hybrid vehicle that they just got on a lease.

Politically, they are a few centimetres to the left from the centre. Their social media is mostly family related stuff, like holidays, kids’ birthdays and the family pet.

When they travel, it is probably by car, to Sweden, Germany and Italy, with the dream of going to New York or even Australia with their kids on a long holiday.

When they invite friends over, you bet there will be a nice steak, tons of salad, some good wine and freshly baked baguettes with the family recipe for garlic butter.

This is not a rental, they bought the apartment and have plans on selling it one day and buy a house in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

You might think they shop in IKEA, but they actually buy refurbished second hand furniture because it reminds them of their roots, is good for the environment, last for many years and has that modern, yet retro vibe. Aside from the kitchen, which has just been refurbished with natural wood.

That’s how good your work is Farshid. It’s not just well rendered graphics, it’s a story.


Thank you SigmaGames