[free download} modern staircase

A modern staircase you can combine differently and apply different materials to the defined surfaces areas. See the examples in Unreal, you simply pull other materials on the model’s surfaces and get as many variations as you like.
More details and the download link here, you can take it for free or pay what you like as appreciation:
Modern staircase (gumroad.com)

More assets, some free, on my Patreon site: Asset Creator is creating Game assets: 3D models, 2D materials, functionalities and more. | Patreon



THX a lot for the free sharing :smiley:

I am glad you like it!

Hey @vollgaser,

Do you have plans on uploading these to the UE Marketplace?
The assets look terrific btw. :slight_smile:

I am releasing assets continuously on Patreon and Gumroad, but can’t do that on the UE marketplace, as there are weeks of approval periods and other obstacles that are just not practical.
So if you like my assets, then grab them from where I release them, they will not get on the Unreal marketplace.

Understood, they look great so thanks so much for sharing it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your praise. Please give a rating there if you like em.
I will release more free assets on my Gumroad and Patreon sites from above…so check them out
from time to time or consider following me there to be informed about releases.