[FREE DOWNLOAD] 30GB+ of high quality game audio from Sonniss

Hey guys, hope you are all well.

This is Mikehl here from Sonniss.

Just thought I would drop by and post this compilation of all the free sound effects we have given away over the past 2 years. Everything is royalty free, commercially usable and no attribution is required. Hopefully you can put them to some good use.

You can find more information here.


Direct Links


Index of /pub/misc/sonniss2016/
Index of /pub/misc/sonniss/

If you have any problems with your downloads just drop me a message. I am always here and happy to help. My email address is

Thanks Sonniss!

Best Regards

Heh was about to post this as I saw it over on PolyCount but thought I’d a do a quick search. Sonniss is awesome stuff I highly recommend them.

Thanks, will check that!

Ive been downloading the torrent and will be permanently hosting on my nas box to help with the seeds.

Really big thanks for this by the way, this is really helpful to me as sound is not my area.
should be using your sound library exclusively for all my stuff :slight_smile:
And I will definitely add you to the credits

I have a 20mbit upload that is active over-nights that I am seeding the torrent as well

you guys are awesome! Also been helping seed your content since last GDC.

Great stuff - much appreciated.

Hello Mikehl, are those monthly .zip files different from GDC releases or everything is in part1(2015) and part2(2016) torrents? thanks.

The monthly releases are completely different, yes. They were from a private giveaway for 6 months that we discontinued.

Thanks for all of the kind words guys, they are genuinely appreciated. We put a lot of hard work into the website and are always looking for new material.