Free disk space issue

i have a bit of a problem that i dont know how to solve without removing and completely reinstalling.

i have the “epic games launcher” installed on 1 drive, and the ark dev kit content installed on another (due to disk space issues).
i have a patch to download, but when ever try to get it started, its complaining that i dont have the disk space available.

the drive the launcher is installed on only has 24gig free, but the drive the dev kit content is installed has over 110gig free. problem is, its using the lunchers disk to measure free space.
i.e. i have hte launcher installed on my E drive, and the vault cache installed on my J drive.
how can i make it point to the correct drive when it comes to patching the content / launcher without any problems of free space?

thanks for any assistance.

no need to launch it through the launcher, you can update it manually and launch the dev kit manually, ul get around the 60gb free space required too

oh i see there’s an ark dfev kit batch file i can run… thanks.
how do i do a manual update?