FREE Cyberpunk Vol. 1 Music Pack - Future Ramen

[video=facebook_2017;FutureRamen/videos/757356808135493/]CYBERPUNK VOLUME 1 - FREEBIE | CYBERPUNK VOLUME 1⁣ - FREEBIE Hey Everyone!⁣ ⁣ Hope you are all well and safe during these tough times. Future Ramen just hit it’s one year mark of... | By Future Ramen | Facebook](Redirecting...)

Hope you are all well and safe during these tough times. Future Ramen just hit it’s one year mark of existence and to celebrate, we are releasing our NEW album: CYBERPUNK Volume 1 for FREE! ⁣

We created this album for Game Developers to have an arsenal of energetic, dark, and gritty underscores to take their game to the next level. Included in this album are 5 fully produced tracks in a Cyberpunk genre. Each track contains multiple seamless loops and stingers built for each, over 15 minutes of audio! We hope you enjoy this! Stay tuned to our social media pages for new releases!⁣

Click the link below to download/listen for free and follow us on our pages!⁣


ALSO! Cyberpunk Volume 2 will be available in the near future as well!!

Amazing! Thank you a lot

Absolutely! Unfortunately were unable to put anything on the unreal marketplace for free (at least for audio) so we wanted to make sure everyone in the UE community had a chance to grab this! If you know anyone working on a game in the broadly sci-fi genre definitely send it to them or send them the link!

Good pack, I’m developing a game which has a cyberpunk component and this is going to really help me flesh out that world.


@ Amazing! definitely would love to see it when you implement it! Also were almost done mixing and mastering Cyberpunk Vol 2, will hopefully be able to release it very soon and then moving on to another genre album :slight_smile:

I’m not doing actual sound design, just prototyping, but this will give an idea of how it’ll be used

Gonna give this a download, thanks!!

Excellent thanks!

I uploaded a small modular environment to itch: Small Modular UE4 Office Environment by Try This At Home