Free content pack for Unreal Customers, plus great black friday discounts

In the run up to Black Friday, im offering unreal customers the opportunity to get one of our environment packs for free for you to check out yourself in unreal engine. We are offering our Medieval Village Pack FREE for 24 hours.
Simply email for the product link, which will be free of charge.
Many of our assets some recent pack updates will also be submitted to the asset store shortly.

In the meanwhile,
For the next 48 hours only, we are offering the following store wide discounts(asset store related assets not discounted).

Enviornment/Building Packs - 80% discount
Characters - 80% discount
Music - 70% discount

Visit Arteria3d now to take advantage of these mass savings.
Environment pack discount at this rate will not be run again.

All discounts are already store wide, so no need for a discount coupon, simply add products to cart, at the sale value!

Email sent, thank you so much

I will donwloding just for looking and learning , Your sharing is very appreciated.

Wow! Email sent!

Super fast Thank you link has been received

Sent an e-mail waiting for instructions, would love the check it and if it’s awesome, would consider purchasing other packs.


Fast reply! Thanks! Just getting the pack and will try to make it working for Unreal =) Thanks again

Email sent ^^

Edit : As everybody else : What a fast reply ! Thanks a lot for this really cool gift!

Sent an e-mail :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome :wink:

I forgot also, this is one of the few packs, that has a few DDS textures(only 2 of my packs do), ill make sure I convert these tomorrow and send them to customers who downloaded, as I know Unreal doesn’t use dds textures


Just sent an email too! :smiley:

Can’t wait for the textures :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff!! I have sent an email and also checked out the site…I ended up purchasing a few animals as they were on sale :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch!!

Email send! Thanks!

Thanks for the great support.

Due to the overwhelming response and some customers missing out due to time zones, I will extend this until tomorrow


Someone else got the textures? I’ve never received mine by the mail

This is something I’d email the site for as opposed to posting on here - You’re more likely to get the textures from the content provider then the users of this forum!

I emailed the link through, not sure why you didn’t get it. Ill have to reupload the textures tomorrow in the studio, and ill email you again, also could message you the link via here too, so you have it


Yeah that would be great, thanks. I’ve wrote you an e-mail and you told me you’ll send them when you’re get in the studio, week ago, so I figured out you can be busy, so didn’t want to bother you.

Got them, Thanks