[FREE CONTENT] [LFW PAID] Peter Gagliardi - Sci-Fi Composer

Composer, able to combine ambient, hybrid orchestral, trance, classical and rock/metal into a cinematic sci-fi feel. Looking to gain some exposure through work with UE developers.

Able to work with FMOD, including programming of parameters. Generally quick to learn new software if other audio-integration tools are needed.

High level coding experience in scientific languages such as Python, R and MATLAB. (i.e. I might be able to handle more intricate musical implementation ideas.)

Previous Work and Portfolio:
Official releases all available for preview and free download on my Bandcamp site:
WIPs and unreleased music (and most of my releases) are available on my Audius site; currently Series Resurrecta Contributions and The Freespace Soundtrack Expansion Project are the most recent.
Note: All previous releases are under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. They are royalty-free to use anywhere, as long as credit is given.

  • Composed tracks for mods of the space shooter Freespace 2, including theme music, briefing/exposition music, and in-game ambience/battle music. (Syrk, Series Resurrecta, The Freespace Soundtrack Expansion Project)
  • Released 3 albums of strictly space/science-themed music. (Formation I, Formation II, Sol’s Halo)
  • Released 9-track multi-genre album inspired by Paragon characters. (Synesthetic Prototype)
  • Released 12-track multi-genre album inspired by Warframe characters. (Synesthetic Somatotype)

All prices are negotiable depending on the budget available to the project, including Revshare. I will also consider free work if the project will also be a free or open-source release.
I will give ranges for custom work based on amount of “team input” / rework: low team input means that my initial product only requires one or two small tweaks; high team input means that my initial product requires several iterations before it matches the vision of the team.

  • Existing music is free & royalty-free to use as-is, or with any modifications made on your side. Contact me if you have issues downloading from Bandcamp or Audius.
  • Able to do basic modifications of existing portfolio, including simplifications, conversion into custom loops, or simple additions; this is done on a case-by-case basis but will be cheaper than creating new tracks.
  • Simple standalone tracks/loops: $25 per minute with low team input / rework, $50 per minute with high team input / rework.
  • More intricate themes or linked/adaptive loops with 3 stages: $50 per minute with low team input, $100 per minute with high team input.
  • Linked/adaptive loops with more than 3 stages will scale similarly; contact for details.
  • Scoring to specific cutscenes, set-pieces, video clips etc. available; price to be negotiated depending on length/complexity.

Discord: #8326

Additional Information:

  • Specialty is Sci-fi but open to try other genres.
  • Prefer to work Agile, so anticipate rapid delivery of unpolished work that is refined with team input.
  • Can compose music up-front, and accept payment afterwards, at a cost of lower prioritization.
  • The more I can learn about your project up-front, the better my tracks will likely be.
  • Online only.
  • Cannot travel.
  • Generally available for 2-3 simple tracks or 1 complex track per week.
  • English speaker.

I am always open to feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think of my music, both things you like and things that you believe need improvement.

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for listening.


Thank you very much.

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New free / Creative Commons album added to my portfolio - it was written as a pseudo-soundtrack for an old space shooter, Freespace:

  • 19 tracks + 14 bonus variations (33 total)
  • 5 “Mainhall” / theme tracks
  • 7 “Briefing” / interlude tracks
  • 7 “Mission” tracks, which combine ambient and battle loops
  • Ambience-only and Battle-only versions of each of the above

Check it out here: Synesthetic Xenotype I: Cataclysm | Peter Gagliardi