Free Complex Rpg Quest System

Hey guys, during the last months I made a tutorial series about how to create a quest system similar to the ones in popular rpgs like for example “The Witcher 3” only using blueprints. Now that series has come to an end and I would like to share the finished project with you guys. A showcase video about what the system is capable of can be found below.


List of features:
-health system
-experience and level system
-various npcs
-basic enemy ai
-region and prestige system
-slot-based saving and loading system
-customizable quests
-for every quest you can define:
-the name
-the type (main quest/ sub quest/ event)
-the region in which the quest takes place
-the reward for completing the quest (experience and prestige)
-the description of the text which can be updated
-the suggested level for the player
-a list of subgoal assigned to the quest
-whether or not the quest has a client
-and if so who the client is
-every quest contains subgoals that have to be completed
-for every goal you can define:
-a template (hunt, talk, run or custom)
-whether you want to enter a custom goal text or whether it should be generated using the goal template
-the custom goal text
-an additional name used to generate the goal text (e.g. when using the hunt template, the additional name will be the name of the enemy to hunt)
-the amount of enemies to hunt (only taken into account when using the hunt template)
-the goal class (e.g. when using the talk template that would be the class of the npc to talk to)
-the goal id (if you have multiple actors of the same class)
-whether or not the goal has a location which the player will be directed to on the minimap
-where the goal is
-whether the goal is a single location or an area
-what color the area circle on the minimap should have
-what size the area circle should be
-whether or not to update the quest description when completing this subgoal
-what text should be added to the description
-the following subgoals that appear after completing this one
-whether or not failing this subgoal means failing the entire quest
-whether or not completing this subgoal means completing the entire quest
-also the system contains a quest journal
-in the journal you can see all of the current as well as already completed or failed quests
-further you can select a quest to receive information about its description, reward and all the goals currently available, completed or failed
-there are 2 buttons in the journal
-one to select a different quest
-and one to cancel the currently active quest

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Thank you! That is exceptional work :wink:

This. Is. Awesome. :slight_smile:

Been following your videos. Thanks for releasing this. its Awesome

Thanks Afterbrain!

^^ I am glad it is helpful for you

Thank you. I am really exicted about the next series as well. Seems to be something big this time^^

Seriously, this is amazing!
Thank you so much for the release and I’m looking forward to your future work =)

Since i begun following the tutorial series last year, and now returned to manually migrate the newer additions based on the final release i run into a small issue. Per default the current quests inside the quest journal are collapsed, and unaware i thought there was something wrong with the blueprint references, but it turned out it was all right. So i suggest for testing to set the QuestBox visibility to visible, instead of collapsed, or alternatively click the CurrentQuests button after adding a test quest.


good point, i recall that in most games the categories are collapsed by the default and that is why i implemented it like that. Thinking about it twice, thought, i have to admit that it is really confusing and unintuitive :slight_smile:

why there is no dowload link ? :frowning:

Link in youtubre video

Thanks a million for your work and sharing !

Is this still around? What engine versions will it work with? This has both dialogue and quests? Is there a setup for if one accidently completes an objective before getting the quest from NPC , it will auto complete the quest when talking to him. Thanx and Thanx for the contribution

Does this have sound option for dialogue also?