[FREE] Colour cycling and 2-tone materials

Just a few materials I’m working on for my current project that I thought I’d share.


– A colour cycling material (Neon) that cycles through the full RGB colour spectrum at your preferred speed.
– A Two-Tone colour material perfect for vehicle paint effects or anything else that changes colour in the sun.
– A Colour cycling Two-Tone material, to demonstrate both the above materials working together.

— All properties including normals, AO, Specular, Colours, Textures, Parameters, weathering, metallic, roughness, etc, all controlled via instance parameter values for ease of use.


Project Download - Onedrive

I’ve updated the download link with a switch function for using the standard colour cycle without a mask, just set the “Has neon mask” variable in the instance and you’re good to go.

As for syncronising the colour you need to set the tiling variable which I’ve also added into the material now, by default it’s set to 0.0001 just increase it to get a shorter spectrum (More gradient like you have now) or decrease it to make it fit to your current mesh.

Explination - The reason you need to set the tile is because I’m not calculating a gradient spectrum, Im using a standard spectrum png to allow people to make their own spectrums easily and have it cycle through their own choice of colours.

–EDIT: I’ve added a video above to explain how each material works and how to set the values to how you want them.

Very nice work. Thank you.

Hello there, the link is broken, can u share another link pls, ty

Seem a wonderful work, but the download link is broken:(

yes broken :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

hellpppppppp…the download link is broken

hey, did u ever get this downloaded, I really need it for my project…

Nice! Gonna try this out.

Is this still available anywhere? I love these materials and trying to figure out how to make two-tone color materials.