[FREE] Colorblind simulation postprocess material

Hey all, I made a postprocess material for UE4 that allows you to simulate various types of colorblindness in your game.

You can use this to identify things in your game that might make it difficult for someone who is colorblind to play your game. It is important to note that this DOES NOT fix your game to make it colorblind friendly, what this does instead is it allows you to simulate what a colorblind person would see so that you can make changes to content in your game to make it more colorblind friendly.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. The project and the assets for you to use this in your game are available on my GitHub page here:

There is a YouTube video there showing an example of using this in the Unreal Match3 game and the README document on the GitHub page shows how to easily add this colorblind simluation material to your game so that you can try it out for yourself.

All of the assets are free and may be freely used by anyone for any purpose (even distributing them with your game if you want to for some reason). :slight_smile:


Hi GBX_Botman, I would really like to use your post-process for colorblindness in my game. However, I cannot get the content to work. I even downloaded the version 4.16 that you used to make it. It has missing functions that were probably coded in C++ but aren’t included. I’ve also tried it in the current version 4.24 and am getting the same results. I’ve made a video showing what happens in 4.16 here: https://youtu.be/ep1XV4sCjBg