[FREE] Chat system

Hello! I´ve been working on simple chat system recently and since I have not seen similar kind of thing in here, I decided to share it! It might not be the most suitable solution, so I am open for advices!

I put it here just to see if you guys would like it. If so, I can continue working on it and adding more features like personal chat etc…
Right now it basically is only a UMG window, you can type, click send and it appears in everybody´s chat window. You have to start game with 2 or more clients to see the effect. Player names are randomly generated at the start of the game.

Feel free to use it in both commercial or non-commercial projects, but please, do not redistribute it under your name.



Hey, could you share some pictures and information about the Chat? (:

Then people don’t need to download it blindly.

I added a screenshot and some info about it.

Could you guys give me some feedback? :confused: What you like / don´t like? What should I improve?

Lovely work, dude! As for improvements, personally a few things could be implemented to make the chat system a little more seamless when being used in a game scenario. Maybe there could be a preset key in which to show the chat system so that it doesn’t interfere/take up as much space in-game, as well as the possibility to send using Enter. Besides these two recommendations I love this project! Nice work!

is this the same chat in MMO kit ? just asking before download

I don´t know what is in MMO kit. I have created this entirely from scratch.

Hate to resuscitate a 4 year old thread.

But thanks for this, i have been able to adapt what is in this to my own project, something that has took weeks to try do following other online tutorials.

For anyone wondering, this is a simple widget that creates child text boxes in a scroll box.

Works via upgrade on 4.23