FREE Character + Workflow

Hello everyone!
I am glad to share with you all a great work-flow for creating very nice looking humanoid characters for your games.


It involves using open-source tools like Blender and ManuelBastioniLab.


  1. Female character
  2. IK feet and post process for adjusting pose.
  3. Morph targets for character
  4. Blender project
  5. Instructions to create more characters in word document. (using blender and ManuelBastioniLab)
  6. Retarget poses for Mannequin to ManuelBastioni Skeleton
  7. Physics asset with breast physics ready.
  8. Hair and cloth example

There are tons of videos on the internet to get you familiarized with using Blender and ManuelBastioniLab (It is a character creator for blender).
You create the character by setting up the race, gender and other attributes of the body. Then you can look for open source cloth and hair options if needed.
Export the character as per my instructions. Profit!

Please check out this repository for project files:
Tutorial Series:

Future plans:
I plan/wish/would-like to add work-flows for (not in order) provided I have your support:

  • Lip Sync
  • Cinematics
  • Face Poses
  • Hand Poses
  • Face Mocap with a standard RGB camera
  • Turn in place (With mixamo animations?)
  • Locomotion (Using anim starter pack animations)
  • Foot Step Sound/Particles/Events (without notifies)

Sadly I am not an animator. So I do not know how to create good animations yet. The test animation included in the project is from mixamo.

Here are some videos of the character using the Advanced Locomotion System and Female Animation Pack from the marketplace.


ManuelBastioniLabs is shutting down and will not longer be developed moving forward. This really sucks as far as I am concerned as I thought the quality of the models made with the plug in where amazing. The problem with no further development is as blender and other things update it will not.

If you are making a game now or in the near future I don’t that is an issue. With the current state of the lab you can get really good results.
The important points to note are that the models’ topology is really good and with the existing tools in the lab you can make a wide range of faces.
Here is a pic of some of other characters we have made.

Added support for automatic lip sync with pocketsphinx and rhubarb.