FREE castle Christmas gift for Unreal community members.

As a second and last gift for this year, I would like to offer another content pack from our library free to download for you all.

The pack this time, is the Medieval Castle 1 Pack

Only 70 copies will be given away free. Email to receive your download link.
The first 70 customers can also purchase a 6month membership to arteria3d for just $55 - include the code UnrealFirst70 to qualify for this discount

Best Wishes

Thx for the fast reply and this awesome christmas gift :smiley:

email sent, that castle would fit really well with what we are doing

just downloaded it, thank you
merry xmas :slight_smile:

I’ve just emailed. Hope I can still get it.

same here, hope I get it. Either way I appreciate you offering this to people, for that I thank you.