[FREE C++ PROJECT] C++ Version of Zak`s TwinStick Shooter

Hello guys,

I just finished this C++ version of Epic’s TwinStick Shooter Blueprint Tutorial Series from youtube (Blueprint Twin Stick Shooter | v4.8 | Unreal Engine - YouTube)

The project’s repository is here:

Hope you all like it. I think it can be a good Unreal C++ reference.

PS: I still have to clean and comment some code, but it is fully functional.



thank you:D

Hi Daniel,

This does look like it would be really great to learn from. Is there any chance you’d have time to update the project to 4.13?
I’ve tried downloading it and I am running in to the “twinstickshootercpp could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually” it seems to be suggesting a missing dll but I think I’ve tried suggestions fro me every relevant answers and forums page and I just can’t get the project to run.

Thanks for the content though, seems like a great asset, more C++ content would be great in general.

Yes, please, update your project!