[FREE] Bomberman with local multiplayer using keyboard - [Source Code]


Some time ago, I had to do a local multiplayer bomberman game for a job test (the funny thing it wasn’t for videogames company…). It took me a week, using my spare time and once I delivered the test I used one week more to add a couple of things, mostly visual stuff like, new levels, improved textures and materials, different skins… I did that to use it as a part of my portfolio and because I enjoyed making it so I thought it deserves a better look.

Few days ago some guy wrote in my blog asking for the project and I thought that maybe it could be useful for someone so, I’ve decided to make it public.

Don’t expect anything clever, it was a quick project and I didn’t have too much time to think about the best way to do it. Probably I would do a lot of things differently but it’s working and its a complete project with UI, procedural levels, local multiplayer (both using the keyboard because it was a test’s request), music, sounds, etc…

Do expect some bugs hehehe because I moved the project from 4.17 (I think…) to 4.22 and I just resolved a couple of code issues and something about the navmesh but nothing else. Possibly there are more issues related to engine compatibility and of course about the project itself.

You can access to the repository from…-and-download/

Video and some screenshots


Something is wrong with this post…:eek:

Did anyone have issues running the github project?? It working properly for me (UE 4.22 and VS2017 Community) but someone posted on Github about errors…