[FREE] [Blueprints] Tediore Reloading Solution from Borderlands 2

Hi, it’s been a while, but I finally got around to finishing another UE4 experiment. It’s inspired by the explosive reloading solution offered by the Tediore weapons in Borderlands 2. So if anyone’s interested, feel free to grab the project from Github: GitHub - RohitKotiveetil/UnrealEngine--TedioreReloadSystems: Recreation of the Tediore Reload Systems from Borderlands in Unreal Engine 4.

I haven’t added any animations for reloading, but I’ve tried to recreate most of the core logic from the original mechanic.


  • Weapon Reload System
  • Physics-based Weapon Ejection/Throw System
  • Basic Laser Firing Solution
  • New Weapon Materialization

Also, the weapon materialization effect was created using UnrealCG’s Planar Dissolve Effect Tutorial: Planar Dissolve Effect - Material Tutorial - (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube. I’d heavily recommend going through it if you’re interested in using a similar system in your project.