[FREE] [Blueprints] Proximity Mine Launcher (inspired by Hard Reset)

Hi, I made a recreation (blueprints) of the Proximity Mine Launcher from Hard Reset. The project files have been made freely available on GitHub: https://github.com/RohitKotiveetil/U…tyMineLauncher

I have more or less tried to remain faithful to the original design while working on this project. So the Primary Fire launches a proximity mine in the targeted direction. The mine projectiles once landed will stick to the impact surface and their proximity fuze (sphere collision) gets activated.

As soon as an enemy unit enters the detection range, the detonation sequence begins and causes an explosion. In the event that the mine has landed directly on an enemy, the fuze does not get activated, and instead, the detonation sequence directly starts after a very small delay.

Similar to Hard Reset, there is also an Alt-Fire mode that allows you to manually detonate the mines. The order of detonation follows the order in which the mines were launched.

However, there is a maximum cap for the number of mines that can be remotely linked to the weapon for manual detonation. If a new mine is launched after hitting this limit, the oldest active mine is disabled and a remote link will be established with the new one.

So if anyone’s interested, feel free to grab the project from GitHub.

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