[FREE BLUEPRINT] Unreal Bricks V1.0 (Brick Breaker Example)

Hi, my names Diddykonga. I decided to make a Brick Breaker Clone and release it to the forums so that people who are new or intermediate can look at it and hopefully get a stronger grip on Blueprints.

Version 1.0

  • Main Menu (UMG)
  • Level Select (UMG)
  • Three Gamemodes (Points, Timed, and Unreal{Warning: This is ment to be hard, and will get harder})
  • Paddle Pawn
  • Ball Logic
  • Three types of Bricks (Regular, Layered, and Spikey{Invincible, and destroys the ball})
  • Three Levels for each Gamemode (Will add more)
  • Game UI for each Gamemode (UMG)
  • Result Popup (UMG, very basic atm)
  • Buffs/Powerups for the Ball (Speed Buff, Insta-Break Buff)
  • Decent amount of Events in use(Making extending the assets very easy, will most likely add more extensibility)
  • -Nothing is really commented atm

Feel free to request features/changes, and let me know what you think! Thank you :smiley:
Download Link:Dropbox - Error

This is very much appreciated. I’m a complete novice in the gaming world and getting this will be a great start for me. I just have to figure out what to do with it, lol. Thanks.

i can’t seem to get a grasp on the BUFFS added. Seems you haven’t divined anything to be added? All the Blueprint classes are there but I can’t really see them drop in-game nor do I understand where you actually add the buff to the player.

**So I understand how you add the buffs now, but when do they actually drop?