[FREE] Basic 7 layer Landscape Material Blueprint with Tessellation and Tiling & basic 3 layer with Tiling NON Tessellation

[FONT=comic sans ms]DOWNLOAD! ( 4.18.2 )](image_126378.zip (324 KB))

add to your content folder where you want it and open UE4, open then blueprint add your textures to the correct slots ( all naming will be easy to follow in comments and current names ) :slight_smile:
and create a material instance and apply to your landscape

all parameters set are changeable in the material instance.

ALBEDO, CAVITY, ROUGHNESS,NORMAL,AO and 1 displacement map to match the " Soil_Mud " layer texture.
the displacement is connected to the " Soil_Mud " layer so whatever textures you use in your soil_mud layer use the same textures displacement texture for displacement
i have a reroute node connected to displacement so in theory you could just break the line and connect it to any texture layer in the tiling and use its displacement map :wink:
try not to add to many more layers as it will crash i am working on material functions now and will update.

UPDATE: Updated 3 layers to 7 layers in tessellation BP and added a 3 layer NON tessellation BP
( this is a WIP so as i update and add to the BP ill update my progress )
all rep to DarkHive Games as i followed tutorials provided to give me the base :slight_smile:


Nice work :slight_smile:

Hi @My_Nugget , first of all thanks for sharing this! I’m really excited to try it, but when I’ve added the materials to my project (4.18.2) I keep getting some compilation errors on the tesselated master material. Somehow it seems that it changes the displacement setup first node to a texture2D (which is diferent in your setup image I think), and since it has no texture assigned it triggers an error. Any thoughts on why this is happening and how can I fix it? Cheers.

thanks for pointing that out i dont think i said about the displacement here is a shot of mine, eg same layer "soil mud layer " therefore any texure you use in your soil_mud slot just apply that displacement map in that input :slight_smile:

updated that help in main post for everyone, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

none of the textures came with it how would I fix this thanks

open the BP and put textures into the BP, i used my megascans when making it and they were no going for free :wink:

@My_Nugget First I want to thank you for this, i am on 4.19.2 and it still appears to be working great. I ended up staying up last night working on my variation of the exact one you did but I missed some points and it caused much lag in my test run after 10 hours lol. I think I had complicated my Tessellation setup and grabbed yours mainly as a way to pinpoint my errors but yours is working so well for what I need and I also uses Megascans so this is perfect. I actually see the displacement and depth and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this.

I do have a quick question and bare with me because I am literally crash coursing myself into Unreal, very new to this but slowly getting educated lol.

Overall I see no issues if I add more textures to the palette, I can see the flow to do so fine but I see the empty red box, and I wondering what you mean by it could cause crashes if we add more layers, are you meaning in the box or overall? Not really read up what that red comment box would be for so I am suspecting that is a use case I am overlooking.

Final question if you get this, if I want to add more displacements, say one for one on a few more textures, will it cause performance issues to clone your section and attempt to fork a few through maybe some layer blend nodes so I can apply the same slider displacement and tessellation features in my material instance? Reason is I got a log of textures that would pop out really well if I can utilize that feature on each one but with separate values. I roughly did this in my own that built but I had a lot of bugs and unsure if it was duechoice to fork off from the main displacement and tessellation and over populated my map.

Like I said, I am new lol, not even sure if I copied and pasted to add more displacement per texture channel if even a layer blend channel is the right way to go about it. I did use ADD on one but I think I may need more than 2 options. If you see this and know, be awesome to find out. Either way, thank you for this, it really saved the day, now I can actually go in and create whats in my head.

Is there a way to limit the tessellation to one material rather than have it spread across all materials or is it supposed to do that and I am getting something wrong?

Hey, I’ve downloaded this and put my textures on, but everything is dark, like, the grass texture is there, but instead of green its black, only sand seems to work fine

Hello! Is cavity the same as Displacement?