Free Barrel with Substance

Hey guys,
Here is a free to use barrel for your scenes… also the possibility to check some of the substance which can be changed within UE4, like Rust, Metall Wear, Dirt…
I think it is a good way to show what is possible and how usefull it is to work with substance materials… It is also a little “effect preview” for my posted objects to the marketplace, so you can see what
is basically possible with my created “street barriers” of course they have more changeable options but i think the barrel prewiev is enough to give you guys an idea how is working…

Here is the link to my marketplace post which is currently online on trello, so please vote :slight_smile:

New Hoster / Link without SPAM popups…

Mega Link

the download link seems to be an trojan with double extension Free Barrel Substance.rar_10924_i906624_il345.exe

I just downloaded to check, I get the proper .rar file, and when I extract the files I get the expected FBX and file, can you double check that for us (try to download it again)?

Downloaded it too. No virus found so far. It was only a .rar file with the FBX and File in it.

I scanned the file and nothing like a trojan or anything was found.

Yes , Be very careful because it’s or Spam ,pub etc… they are creating false links on the fly , to be safe you can use Free Adblock & JavaScript popop blocker or something similar for your browser. You will not see more such links .

Thank you so mush Adik .

seems to download the correct rar file

Ahh ok now I see, I use AdBlock in my web browser so I never actually saw the button on the left in your image above, only the proper download. Thanks for pointing that out!

Ah okay, so because of the missing ad blocker on your side, you clicked one of the fake download buttons.

Would be nice to have a hosting site with only one trustfull downloadbutton.

Sorry for the bad file hoster guys, just changed the file to a new hoster with no spam and popups…

I have been using without any real issues so far, but Google Drive is great as well (I am currently using both of them to host the project in my signature).

DropBox will work, but they seem to dislike internet traffic (go figure, an internet sharing website hates traffic :p), they removed my public links due to traffic…

Go with Mega :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: I see you added Mega, good choice :smiley:

thanks … I have the file now on two hoster online… on Mega and Uploaded…

I am using dropbox, no redirecting to ad pages, no nasty link, can link directly to file on my dropbox in ze clouds drive. And uploading new files there is as easy as copy to folder.

PS. I would love to get that “Free Barrel Substance.rar_10924_i906624_il345.exe” if somebody saved it. Just zip it with “infected” as pasword, and send to me (i will give email in pm).

I’m just wondering for what you need the fake file? I mean you can simply upload any file to “dirty” hoster and you will get probably the the same fake download icons to download the infected files…