[FREE] Automatic Platformer 2D Player Framework (Content Plugin)

Automatic Platformer 2D Player Framework
Version: 1.0
Unreal engine Version: 4.22.2
Created by: Soulspray
Usage: Sprite Flipbooks
Licence: Attribution CC BY



**Automatic Platformer 2D **plugin helps you to give your 2D player character movement abilities automatically without any coding. Works only with Character Blueprint due to usage of Character Movement Component and Get Player Character

Currently the plugin supports only 4 animations

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump Start
  • Jump End

!Before importing any sprites into engine, make sure they are all facing right direction!

You don’t have to create custom inputs or jump function, the plugin does it all automatically for you.


Copy “AutomaticPlatformer2D” folder into:

Engine Plugins: “…\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Plugins”
Project Plugins: “…\ProjectRootFolder\Plugins”
(if Plugins folder does not exist, create one)

How to Use
Using this plugin is very simple.

1. Make sure you have all listed (4) Paper Flipbooks created. Rename them as shown in the table below. [TABLE]




Jump Start

Jump End

In Player Character Blueprint

  1. Add Player Movement Component from components list.
  2. Makes sure you only have one** Paper Flipbook Component. Naming does not matter. Paper Flipbook Component **does not have to have default flipbook selected.
  3. Add one camera and set it as you please (Remember, that plugin automatically locks Z axis of the camera and you have access to its Z location in Player Movement Component’s details panel under “Camera” section. You can also disable the locking there).
  4. Make sure to check out all the settings in “Platformer” section to get know how this plugin works, so you won’t do any unnecessary “codings”

How to use Slippery effect

You can apply Slippery to the ground/sprites two ways:

  1. **Slippery Object Type: **Add slippery effect to specific sprites.
  2. **Maps: **Add slippery effect to ALL sprites inside listed map(s).

However, both methods requires one Object Type (Object Channel) which you can create in
Edit -> Project Settings -> Collision -> Object Channel/Preset

(Check from screenshots if you’re still unsure)
Create at least one Object Channel and call it anything you want. Make sure in Presets it Blocks All (if you created one).
Apply created Object Type to all sprites in your level that you wish to have slippery effect by changing their** Collision Preset or Object Type.**

Go to your player character blueprint and add just created Object Type in Slippery Object Type.


This should be pretty much all needed information!
So just to be safe:

Plugin recognizes paper flipbooks by their name in contents. Only supports 4 for now.

This is basically all you need to take care of to make this work!
Slippery effect is just additional and for that you’ll need to create one Object Type and apply that to all sprites if you are applying the effect to specific sprites.

Here are some extra screenshots!

In Details Panel

In Components panel

Custom Object Channels and Presets