[FREE] Automated Rotation Sentry

Hey there,

For those wanting to see how an Automated Rotation 360 degrees Sentry works, you can download the files at:

Installation if needed:
Just extract in your project content folder.
You may need to redo the allocation of the meshes.

In TurretBP:
StaticMesh is SentryFoot
StaticMesh1 is SentryTurn
SentryGunActor child actor class is sentrygunactor
In SentryGunActor:
Gun is SentryGun

Basically what it does, it is it just stand still(ofcourse), while every 2.5sec(customization available) it gets a new Pitch for the sentry and Yaw for the rotation, and then moves to that rotation.
There were some issues i had to fix like Flipping and getting crazy weird rotations but those are fixed, if you do see an error or bug please tell me :slight_smile:

Also in the blueprint i un-linked the looking at player when in range, you can just link that up again if you want that :slight_smile:
It’s also fire-ready :slight_smile:

Video of how it works:

Hope you like!

Greetings :slight_smile:

License: Free to use, distribute and modify.

Looks great, thanks!

Thanks, i hope it helps you…

Really great addition to the community! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ll also upload an Automated surveillance camera and a rotating alarm(red, those you see in ships) if this gets enough attention :slight_smile:

Thanks, CelPlays for this cool turret.

But it seems that something went wrong.
The cannon is spinning without stopping in a very strange way.

The fire function was disconnected.

In EventGraph EventTick was also disconnected

Unreal version 4.7.6


The tick is disconnected because it’s the “follow player node”, so if you just plug that it’ll follow you on begin overlap

The Fire i disconnected as my firing thing went through walls and all, i have 0 clue how to make that, the sentrygunactor shoots from it’s front so that’s pre-set :slight_smile:
Behind print string i had a spawn actor from class.

And the turning you have, did you change any of the random values? If they’re too high you’ll get flipping things, that’s the negative about move component to, it looks for the shortest road so that’s why i needed to keep it within margins.
The Blue ones should stay how they are, maybe a little bit of a difference but not major ones. The red ones also need to be 90, if that’s changed it can start to look weird.
Maybe record the problem you have? So i can see what exactly it’s doing?


And i’m also still on 4.7.6 :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Okay, update on this post, i’ve been looking/staring at my turret for the past few minutes and i noticed it kinda wiggle’s sometimes, but only when the turret is aiming upwards, can you confirm it’s only when it’s looking upwards?

EDIT: So i’ve tested with a lower amount of max-min ratio. the < float is put to -10 and the > float i put to 40. As i figured it already rotates in a 360 degree yaw value it doesn’t need to go over a 90 degrees pitch value, as it would just rotate in yaw to the direction. -10 is the value that will be the half-max pitch (downwards), now that max is -40., as it substracts a value between 10-30, it can go under the -10, but if it’s under -10 it will always go upwards on the next move to, same the other way around, max up turn then is 70, and the half-max is 40, if the pitch is above 40 it’ll always go down. If that makes any sense :slight_smile:

This also should fix the spinning and wigglin’g

Sorry for the delay in replying;)

The blueprint here is exactly as shown oo, all yaws is defined in 90 degrees, but with ours EventTick connected. Previously disconnected, such cannon is pointing upwards and not is following the pawn. And when connected follows the pawn but it is whirling crazily.

Like in the picture below.:confused:




I see the same in my game if i connect it. For some reason it doesn’t clear the RotateF timer. That’s why it looks at you and turns away. Alright, so put the clear timer after the branch of Range after event tick on the true pin. Then connect clear timer to sequence. That fixed it for me.


No idea why it doesn’t clear on begin overlap however it’s specified(Maybe since you spawned in the overlap box?)

Celeste ^^

PS: For some reason i accidentally also attached a completely unrelated other picture. Ignore that one ^^

Thanks Cel for your quick reply

In the fact, I opened the component tab in blueprint,
and saw the size of the collision box, it goes far beyond any thing, It is giant, and the turret is a flea inside it.

I’ll try to see if I can fix it.

Yea, i was intending to change it to sphere trace anyway in the future. Might be better anyway.
And yea it’s kinda big ^^ Didn’t pay too much attention to that anyway :slight_smile:


download link is down :frowning:
pls reup, want to see it^^

Hey there,

Gonna see if we still have the files somewhere. Should have them, will try to fix this tomorrow!

Here’s the dl link. This one still works so try that one :slight_smile:

Could you pls update it to any version higher than 4.8 ? its not working with 4.8 or any other higher engine .