FREE August offer, Auditioning Platform for voice actors

SAY-U FREE August offer:
I am writing to let you know we are holding a special free trial of our SAY-U auditioning platform, this offer will run for the month of August 2016 as part of our summer madness offer.

Any company that registers their game title will get a free one time auditioning for one character in their game.

This will let you get to know our platform and see the possibilities it can have for engaging with your fans, this offer is open to everyone developing a game and will be good until the end of October 2016.

If you know anyone else developing a game and think this offer might be interesting to them, please share this information.

To enter, please contact Graham Robinson on [EMAIL=“”] with your game title and screenshots of your character and the script you want to be voiced.

You can also provide a logo or other game graphics you might feel is important to the voice actor to feel the style of the game. (OPTIONAL)

We will then provide the following, SAY-U app to download from iOS and Android app stores we will host the campaign on SAY-U server, and provide a panel in the app for your game.

We ask that you promote the campaign on your website to attract your fans and people interested in your games.

Users will vote for the best voice, and we will provide the top 3 voices to you to select the voice talent you feel meets your requirements.

When you have selected the voice actor we will provide you the person’s contact details so you can arrange your final recording for in-game audio.

The process is completely free all you need to do is promote the campaign with your fans.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Graham Robinson on the above email address.

Best regards,
Graham A. Robinson
ShiftOne Ltd.
3-27-8 Miwa Building 6F,
Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0051 JAPAN

I would like to see some samples of your voice work first.

Is there even a website to see?

We are not a voice acting hub, we work with developers looking for a new way to find voice talent, we offer a platform to developers to run their own voice auditions, this is mainly focused on developers that want to bring their own fans into the game development cycle, by giving their voice to a character, our platform is community-based so users compete to find the best voice for a character.

Would you be interested? are you developing a title that needs voice talent?

Actually yes, or at least we were actively in development until several months ago. But I would not mind getting vocals out the way for the single player and multi-player of our game.

I will be sure to send you an email.

It’s now midway in our FREE August SAY-U giveaway, and we have had some great responses, if you are still interested, please come forward and email me as soon as possible so you can be added to our list of applicants.